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GPS’s Installation

Over 15 years experience in marine electronics, Nautek offers professional GPS installation services across all brands.

Servicing all of Victoria’s marinas, we can also arrange an onsite visit to your powerboat or yacht for an obligation free quote at your convenience.

Choose your GPS wisely and don’t skimp on this life-preserving boating system. Ask our team for professional advice.

About GPS’s

A GPS on a boat is the main navigation tool for voyage preparation, safe passage and fishing or landmark spot locating.

Most of the GPS models on the market in all brands are combination units or colloquially called “Combos”.

GPS system is the one thing that can ensure when you head home from the sea that you are heading the best and safest direction.

Why You Should Install a Fish Finder

Locate fish underwater, determine the depth of the water and temperature.

  • Clarity of the underwater images
  • Integration with other systems I.E. GPS connectivity
  • Performance at speed
  • Ease of operation whilst at sea
  • Target separation I.E. It is a large fish or lots of small fish close together
  • Accuracy of the size and species of fishing shown

Fish Finder

Fish Finder Installation

Nautek Marine offers a complete supply and install service.

Our marine technicians have extensive experience testing, installing and replacing marine electronics of all kinds and brands.

Our team also uses specialized tools to better diagnose and assess the condition of your marine electronics.

About Fish Finders

Fish Finder is an instrument used to locate fish underwater by detecting reflected pulses of sound energy, as in sonar.

It can tell you how many fish are out there and their size. It can also tell you a lot about the spot where you are fishing, it determines the depth of the water and temperature.

A fish finder is the must have “tool of the trade” when on the water. A fisherman must have trust in the equipment to give reliable information about what is below their boat.

Radar system

Radar System

Marine Radar is a device used to detect objects and their position relative to your current location. It works by sending out a radio signal which, when it hits an object, gets reflected back to the radar. This can then be used to calculate a rough estimate of the object’s position. Marine Radar is often used on boats for collision avoidance and navigation purposes, as it can detect other ships and land obstacles.

Some marine radars come with special features, such as the ability to track multiple targets, or to automatically identify and label certain types of objects. This can be helpful in busy areas, or when there is a lot of marine traffic. Marine radar can also be used for meteorological purposes, such as tracking storms.

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What Our Customer Say
Very friendly and expert staff, from reception to mechanics, stayed in touch during repairs, reasonable price, quick turnaround. Will certainly be coming back again and again. thank you for the customer service.
Peter Sherrard
Peter Sherrard
Nautek took great ownership of the job I needed done, fault finding , then replacing the trim tabs. My input was minimal, the job was done neatly, competently and was really good value. Outstanding.
Shane Fewings
Shane Fewings
Nautek Marine been great to deal with. Excellent services from the team.
Michael Wenczel
Michael Wenczel
I found Nautek to be very knowledgeable with the sounder and maps I wanted to install. We came up with a package that suited my needs and budget. I was also shown how to use everything as well as them checking by brakes for me as requested. I would recommend there friendly and professional service to anyone
Rick Watkins
Rick Watkins
I was fortunate enough to come across Nautek Marine a few months ago when refurbishing my boat. The supply and installation of all the electronics was completed neatly and at a competitive price. The service I have received dealing with Jamie and the team is at a level rarely seen these days and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone for any marine work required.
Simon Krite
Simon Krite
These guys make sure your whole outfit meets compliance and reliance. The boat, engine, trailer, the works! Friendly, reliable and thorough.
Shaun Martin
Shaun Martin
Full service, price cheaper than quoted go to love that, Very happy. Thankyou
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