With over 15 years working in the marine industry, Nautek marine is a truly unique business made of passionate & dedicated marine mechanics and technicians.


who we are

Nautek Marine is a one-stop marine service centre for all of your marine requirements, offering boat repairs, trailer repairs, electrical and shipwright services, as well as general inboard and outboard engine servicing across all engine brands.

Our knowledgeable marine technicians have experience working with a wide variety of boats and will provide you with the highest standards of service. Servicing all of Victoria’s marinas, we can also arrange an onsite visit to your powerboat or yacht for an obligation free quote at your convenience.

Our Team

Michael Fitzallen
CEO / Founder/ Director

Every team needs a visionary with direction and passion. Michael maintains the balance in Nautek team moving ahead to excellence with his 25 years of engineering experience in Military, Aviation, Medication, Industrial and the Super Yacht industry prior to starting Nuatek in 2005. No task too challenging for Michael and his team of champions.


Senior Marine Mechanic

Great workshop management is more than cracking a whip and greeting customers. Jamie is the backstop to our quality control and best practice to boats and customers. With his eagle eyes over every job, the boats leave Nautek in safe and ready for boating condition every time.


Marine Mechanic

Michaels mechanical broad outboard experience from years of working with Regal Marine, gave him vast experience in motors from the 1970’s to today’s current models. A rare and valued skill that provides confidence and speedy diagnostics to all our customers. Michaels hobbies include: Outboard wrecking and fibreglass boat building


Marine Mechanic

The new wave of boating enthusiasts brings a new passion to the boat servicing trade. Daniel is a keen boater and marine mechanic apprentice. His passion for research is keeping him ahead of the curve in the latest marine gadgets/techniques. Daniel is our future on technical service to boaters.

Lucas Ribeiro de araujo
Marketing Manager

Lucas’ role at Nautek Marine is to maximise our digital and online  brand presence in the Australian marine market and drive online sales. He is responsible for the management of our digital source channels as well as performing ongoing digital data analysis to maximise the effectiveness of our digital marketing initiatives.

Danilo Ribeiro de Assis
Business Developer & operational

To maintain the course in our quest Danilo is a keystone for the company strategy and position. With his Masters in business, our company and it’s customers are heading North to a greater boating success.