Transducer testing

Top-notch marine technology, delivering precise test results of the accuracy and efficiency of your transducer.


Transducer Tester

The Air transducer diagnostics is the latest in the field service technology not ever been made available to professionals before for field testing. The test is non-destructive and very clear on providing insight into why your fish finder maybe underperforming.

It provides the device usage in hours and the accuracy of the transducer frequency across most transducer types.


  • For use with conventional and Chirp-ready transducers with operating frequencies from 25 kHz to 500 kHz
  • Automatically read Xducer ID® features such as transducer model, frequency, part number and serial number
  • Quickly compare a transducer’s current acoustic performance to its original factory-approved setting with a simple Pass or Fail screen display
  • Instantly save, email or text test results to a boat owner, dealer, installer, or even an Airmar technician
  • Easily test transducers onboard or remotely at the dealer or OEM
  • Tutorial on Interpreting SensorCheck™ Results

Transducer Repairs & Misplacement


Different problems can occur to a transducer such as physical damage, disconnected wires, dented enclosures, faulty signals, lifespan, low sensitivity, reduced performance and many others.


Often misplacement is what causes some of the problems mentioned previously so when installing or maintaining a transducer make sure you have someone with professional knowledge and experience assessing your marine device.

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